Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Still Around

When Rumi finally completes the long-delayed Vol. 3 of Masnavi, his explanation in the opening verse of the book is the most compelling: It takes time for blood to turn into milk! His excuse/reason is doubly profound if you know the background story which had to do with his son's prolonged illness from which he happily recovered.

I have no such exquisite reason but reasons good enough. I had several commitments, some quite time-consuming, that came due one after another in September and October. Then I began a long-planned month-long trip to areas with spotty, slow and blocked internet access which made writing very difficult and posting impossible. Let us say that all was a Black Swan. That should explain everything.

My apologies and thanks for the kind inquiries. I am not back to my base yet but getting there. Will return shortly.


uair01 said...

Good to hear from you - just this morning, under the shower (really) I was thinking about your long silence :-)

That's how much you get used to the posting habits of bloggers you follow.

Nasser Saber said...


Thanks for thinking of me (I suppose) fondly. Hope all is well.

uair01 said...

Hi Mr. Saber, you might be interested in this book:

Nasser Saber said...

I know of the book and its author. I would like to see something beyond "in physics we're dealing with nature; in economics, with man". Too obvious and where do we go from there?

Speaking of books, I am planning to write a long post on the subject of books. See if you will like it.