Thursday, December 4, 2008

I’m Still Around

My apologies for the longer-than-usual absence. Blame it on an event out of my control and a decision within my control. The event produced three fractured bones in my left arm. The decision pertained to a topic that proved difficult for a blog. I have discussed it in some length in the forthcoming Vol. 4 but had a hard time summarizing it for this space.

The pain in my arm is reduced to a tolerable level. The 3000-word entry is ready. After giving it a once over, I will post it tomorrow.

Thanks for understanding.


Anonymous said...

Regrets about your accident, but glad to hear you're okay.

I look forward to your blogs; I think the wisdom they offer is slowly working its way into the larger public discourse.

Thank you for your brilliant books on speculative capital.

Sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery.


Nasser Saber said...

Dear Winston,

Thanks for kind words. The audience of this blog is people who care and understand. I know their number is a legion. It is always a pleasure to hear from them.